Why is my girl so crazy?

Half the time she looks, like, stunned to be there. And it’s not like Winona Ryder is a stranger to these occasions. Quite the opposite, in fact. Winona should be very familiar with an awards season. But it’s still like a caged animal on display, big brown eyes darting around, ready to flee at a moment’s notice. Cue the same old – she’s delicate, she’s too fragile for this business. Fine. But if she’s still IN this business, maybe it’s time to toughen up. Or are we ok with weakness being an excuse for weakness?

I groaned when I saw her arrive in tacky white with tulle and a mall-curled ponytail on top of her head, in contrast to her younger counterpart, a sleek and sophisticated Natalie Portman, without a trace of crazy in her eyes, who will likely go on to win an Oscar, something they once said was destined for Winona herself, before it all went awry. This time I actually do think the sartorial similarity was coincidence, just to prove that the universe is cruel.

Photos from Wenn.com and Jason Merritt/Kevin Winter/ Frazer Harrison/Gettyimages.com