It’s all about trainwrecks today… so how about some hope? Not that Winona was anywhere near the level of f&cked that Lilo and Britney have achieved but still. Getting busted for shoplifting at Saks, wonked out with pills in her purse was the stuff of TMZ before its time.

But after a few low years and likely much therapy, Winona Ryder is cautiously stepping back into the famelight. A new cover for Vogue, a new movie, and a red carpet appearance last night for The Ten looking lovely, with those trademark doe eyes and pale skin and red lips and dark hair Winona to me has always been irresistible and I long for the halcyon days of Nonie and Gwynnie and Matt and Ben. Before Gwynnie supposedly stabbed her in the back, stole the role of Viola De Lesseps from a script off a coffee table at Nonie’s apartment, won an Oscar, and never looked back – an urban legend that has since been denied by all parties but is as appealing at the Richard Gere gerbil assbiting tale. The truth of course (not that it’s any better) is simply that Gwyneth kissed Harvey Weinstein’s ass much more convincingly.

And so began Winona’s lean years. But those years are hopefully well past her.

What Lilo and Britney could be…