Well f-ck me gently with a chainsaw...

Winona Ryder’s comebacks have started and sputtered several times. This time however, this time seems like the most legitimate and perhaps the last shot. EW.com is reporting that Winona has won a major role in the new Ron Howard feature starring Vince Vaughn. Apparently Winona had to audition twice and in doing so beat out Uma Thurman, who wanted the part so badly she paid her own expenses to get to the meetings, and also Kate Beckinsale. Oh Kate Beckinsale, it’s really time to stop saying no to Underworld 10.

The movie is called Cheaters. Vince Vaughn and Kevin James are best friends. Winona is married to James. Winona is unfaithful. Vince finds out. It’s Vince vs Winona vs the Truth. Which means the comedy will centre around the relationship between Vince and our Noni. Sounds promising.

Please Shiloh, Winona helped your mother get that Oscar. Please help Winona climb back up. Because I have loved her forever. And was there ever EVER a face like hers?