I threw you a Troy Dyer/Reality Bites reference yesterday in Smutty Tingles. And it happens to be the 20th anniversary of the movie, did you know that? We’re going to come back to this after the Oscars because it deserves all of your attention.

For now though, please, please, please can we enjoy the Winona Ryder?

There’s a new feature on her in RED Magazine and, goddamn, she is so, so, SO beautiful, I’m dropping a trite expression on you because it’s the only one that fits: It Hurts. And again, I ask you…

Winona, Kate, Vanessa…Amber?

Come ON.

She talks about clothing in the interview. Something about wearing a $10 dress to the Oscars which, you know, if you really know Winona, you already know this. And she obliquely acknowledges that her 30s were rough because when she should have been f-cking up in her teens and 20s, she was too busy working. Oh but there’s your Child Stardom gene kicking in, non? It’ll get you one way or another. Happily for us, she (hopefully) has survived it.

I was most interested in this part of the discussion:

“(Helen Mirren) and Taylor Hackford have this mansion and I rent a little cottage in the back. If I’m having a problem with the house, she’ll come up and fix it. She is everything you would hope she’d be: wonderful, warm and funny. I had to tell her I love Prime Suspect so much that, for 10 years, I stayed in hotels under the name DCI Jane Tennison.”

It’s a cute anecdote, and an awesome visual imagining Helen Mirren as a Mrs Roper type, but then I wonder – is she not a homeowner by choice, Winona? Or does it come back to that money thing? If you think about it, she hasn’t made much of it in the last decade. Sarah talks about this all time: Celebrity Cash Management. So many of them are so bad at it.

But why talk about money when we can distract ourselves with beauty? That’s how they get us, isn’t it? She is radiant in this video. She is mesmerising. I never want to stop looking at her.