They reunited for Frankenweenie earlier this year. And now, in a video for Here With Me, directed by Tim Burton, Winona Ryder appears as a mannequin come to life, a young boy’s desire. She’s perfect for the part, really. And the story is strange and oddly moving and sweet, in that weird way that Burton’s best work often is. With all due respect to Helena Bonham Carter, Winona may be his one true muse. As amazing as Helena is, there’s always a caricaturist element to her performances in his films, by his design, almost as if he’s reluctant to reveal too much of his partner, preferring instead to conceal her behind outlandish costumes and the creative gimmickery that’s dominated his recent releases. But there’s  no heart to it, right? With Winona, the fantastical is still there...along with a lot of heart. This video is a good example. Explained Burton of the concept:

"The first time I saw The Killers perform live was in Blackpool, UK shortly after completing work on our first collaboration, the music video for Bones. When I heard the song Here With Me I remembered seeing a wax figure of Winona in Louis Tussaud's Waxworks in Blackpool. The concept of the video is inspired by the 1935 film 'Mad Love,' starring Peter Lorre, as well as the works of Mario Bava."

In a Sliding Doors universe, I imagine Winona and Johnny doubling all the time with Tim and Helena.

Also Brandon Flowers is SO beautiful. You know, in a different time, Brandon Flowers is exactly what Winona would love.