Well that’s a good sign.

Last week while sick I indulged in an old movie marathon which included How to Make an American Quilt. It was 15 years ago. And Winona Ryder was perfect. As A List as A List could get. So breathtakingly beautiful. I mean that face. There still isn’t anything like that face.

Well you know what ended up happening. And since then she’s almost been a recluse. It’s better this way. Someone as fragile as Winona simple can’t handle the reality of today’s celebrity. Good to know however that even though she doesn’t wield the influence she did in the past, she is still welcome and invited to the places where people matter.

At the Tom Ford dinner last night at La Dolce Vista, this is Winona leaving, overwhelmed by the paps waiting outside. It’s a little weary around the edges, but that face...it’s still that face.

Also attaching photos of the man himself. A Single Man has been nominated for 3 Golden Globes. Tom now has more reason to look down at you.

Photos from Fame