I know I’m not alone in saying I will always care about Winona Ryder. Winona Forever. But for a while there, well, we thought it might never happen again, right? That Winona’s time had passed. There was something that was faded in her eyes, almost as though she’d given up.

Check out Winona in Venice for The Iceman (which I am afraid to see because Michael Shannon is already terrifying to begin with and adding “serial killer role” to that energy makes it even worse) still looking awkward as f-ck after all these years but ... am I imagining it or is there a spark that’s returned? Two years ago, we saw her for Black Swan and it was not like this. Two years ago it was dull and sad and it told you it was over. Here, here she seems... possible.

Winona is expected at TIFF next week. Her screening is 2 days after Johnny Depp’s. OMG.