At the Berlin Film Festival today – the premiere of The Private Lives of Pippa Lee starring Robin Wright as Pippa, Blake Lively as young Pippa, Keanu Reeves as Chris, and Winona Ryder perfectly cast as Sandra …

But where is Winona?

Has Winona been seen ever since that weird jewellery debacle? I don’t recall seeing her since that jewellery debacle. Now I’m worried.

Anyway, am very much looking forward to seeing Pippa Lee. Have you read the book? Normally film adaptations are a frightening prospect but in this case, since Rebecca Miller wrote the book and then the screenplay and directed the movie, there is reason for optimism.

And unlike Doubt and John Patrick Shanley, Pippa Lee’s story seems to lend itself more naturally to the screen as opposed to the stage…non?

So yeah, I guess this is why Rebecca Miller can wear whatever the f-ck she wants. Acclaimed writer, actor, now director and she’s married to Daniel Day-Lewis. Gah! Hate her!

PS. In my mind, Pippa was older than Robin Wright… You?

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