On the day that Gwyneth Paltrow called her a backstabbing “frenemy” on GOOP, Winona Ryder was photographed shopping at the Grove with a friend…

Coincidence or conspiracy?

Gwynnie just gave Noni some free publicity, especially useful since she actually has a part in Star Trek, due out in a couple of weeks, and she doesn’t seem to have been invited on the press tour. Winona actually has 4 movies scheduled for release this year which means her publicists are probably very happy she’s suddenly back on your radar…not exactly what G had intended, and sure to send her running for more sage words from her spiritual gurus.

G’s rep meanwhile will not confirm, when asked, if the identity of the “frenemy” is indeed Winona, which totally means it is. G’s people stressed that the point of her story was to encourage people to examine their motivations and their resentments.


Photos from Flynetonline.com