Maybe it’s growing up when she was at the height of her fame, whenever there’s a Winona Ryder sighting, I always care. She was photographed in New York yesterday, shopping, out and about, maybe that’s her boyfriend, and she looks alright, all things considered, and certainly MUCH better than Lara Flynn Boyle. More on her later.

As reported a few months ago, Winona won the coveted role of the cheating wife in the upcoming Ron Howard comedy over Uma Thurman and Kate Beckinsale. The film was supposed to be called What You Don’t Know and has now been re-titled again as The Dilemma and, hopefully, that won’t last either. Under Howard’s direction, it’s quite a cast: Vince Vaughn, Jennifer Connelly, Kevin James, Channing Tatum, and Queen Latifah. They’ve been shooting in Chicago.

Winona also has a part in the highly anticipated Black Swan starring Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis, directed by Darren Aronofsky, his first since The Wrestler. The buzz around Swan has been strong. It will open the Venice Film Festival next month, and while Winona’s role is most certainly a supporting one, her attachment to these hype projects can only be good. You know, she lost almost a decade after that mess.

Photos from Jose Perez/