Oh Winona!

Gwyneth’s frenemy is on the cover of the July issue of Elle UK looking so beautiful, like it never happened. Like none of it ever happened.

In the magazine she discusses her “extra-large breakdown” at the age of 20, just after shooting Edward Scissorhands and Dracula:

“I had my first real break-up, the first heartbreak”.

Of course.


It all traces back to Johnny. And can you blame her? Would you be right if you lost Johnny Depp?

It’s been almost 20 years. And Winona’s only just now finally, hopefully, beginning to come back. Looks amazing here, non?

Like before. But less innocent. Less wide eyed. And harder. Good. Survival skills are important.

As for her love life…with her it’s hard to keep track. After Blake Sennett there were reports she’d hooked up with Tom Green – sick, yeah, I know – and that fizzled quickly and now there’s nothing certain. Aside from Johnny though I should probably mention that Matt Damon f-cked her up pretty badly too.

Well… rather… she was f-cked up and while he thought it was endearing at first, he quickly realised he wasn’t interested in sticking around waiting for her to sort her sh-t out. Especially since he was developing other interests. Rumour has it she was drunk one night, really horribly sadly drunk, and despondent, and she knew he was leaving her and she called him and he wouldn’t come over and so she tried to make it like she would hurt herself but by this point he was so disengaged, he arranged for a friend to go over instead, and flew out of town. That was apparently another rough rock bottom. Hoping it’s all behind her now.

Source Splashnewsonline.com