I am really into doing these Oscar retrospectives. It’s been the best part of my day the last couple of weeks - Gossip Nostalgia! Click here to review all the previous ones. We’re down to our final two. And since there are new photos of Winona Ryder, I wanted to give her some love. Because I still love her. Always. Especially looking back at these pictures...

That face! Her face!

The new photos of Winona leaving Chateau Marmont last night are at the end of the series after the Oscar pictures. She looks happy. And her being there this week is a good sign. You don’t go to Chateau Marmont during Oscar Week without wanting to engage.

It’s been 11 years since Winona went to the Oscars.

Please take a moment to remember this and process it.  
I know I don’t need to explain to you why this photo makes a lot of people happy.

Nominated for The Age of Innocence. Recently split from Johnny Depp. So f-cking beautiful. Reality Bites. I used to recite it. Right now, Duana and I are trying to figure how we can watch it tonight when we roll in after dinner etc. There’s no DVD player in our room. It’s not available for order on the TV and you can’t push Apple onto the ones in your room either. I’m serious; we’re getting desperate.

Nominated for Little Women. Dating Dave Pirner. I have nothing to say about this other than Runaway Train never coming back. I mean, I didn’t spend much time researching this but he’s so low profile now apparently he hasn’t been seen publicly in almost 5 years. Also he’s 47. How come I always thought he was younger than her? Did we not have the internet in 1995? Duana says if we had the internet in 1995 I would have gone full TwiHard on Winona Ryder.

I think I might do my hair in a finger roll on Sunday for etalk’s Monday Oscar special. Have never had finger-rolled hair before. The stylist who practised it this morning calls it a “Marcel”.

This dress is SO Winona Ryder, I love it. Don’t ask me who that dude is. I don’t care. 8 months later, on New Year’s Eve, she and Matt Damon started dating after Gwyneth and Ben introduced them.

Things were starting to go downhill with Matt around this time. Two months later it was officially over. Some suspected at the time that it was because he was into Penelope Cruz although that never really materialised. Look at the bags under Winona’s eyes. These were the early signs that it was not all right.

She hasn’t been back to the Oscars since this showing featuring lightened curled hair and so much awkwardness. There was a grace to Winona that suddenly seemed to disappear. She was arrested later that year, in December 2001, at Saks.