The man heat is crowding Vancouver.

Hugh Jackman, Ryan Reynolds, Taylor Kitsch, and Eric Bana…

As you know, much of the X-Men series was shot in Vancouver. Australia was chosen for Wolverine but the actors are putting the final touches on some sequences here in town which explains why Hugh, Ryan, and Taylor are hanging out. Not sure about Eric though – could be just a holiday. He was spotted in Whistler the other day with family – thanks Ginny! – dining at Trattoria.

Taylor has been seen frequently downtown eating at casual chain restaurants and he, Ryan, and Hugh are expected to be working out regularly at a local gym in the area.

Ryan has been keeping lowest profile so far. Not surprising. He has family here and last summer was able to marry under the radar. An achievement most celebrities seem to believe is totally impossible.

And finally, about Hugh, also was in Whistler on the weekend, and a reader called M had these observations after seeing him with his children. Adorable.

Just a quick story about Hugh Jackman from this past weekend - he was at Whistler with his family, and we spent over an hour in the Whistler tube park while they were there. He spent most of the time entertaining his young daughter - including pretending to be a bear or something, walking around in the snow on all fours and rolling over dead with his legs in the air :) I believe his wife and other child were also there. He was very cheerful and seemed to treat all of the park workers really well.

I didn't approach him and I didn't see anyone else approach him (which was great!) but the park was buzzing that he was there. People were kind of staring at him as they went by (including me...), and if he caught anyone looking at him he just flashed a big smile. He is so gorgeous - tall and lean, even in full winter gear. He had a lot of facial hair - not sure if that is due to Wolverine filming? This seems to agree with other stories you report about him - that he's very family-oriented and an all around nice guy.

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