No, not the dumbass posing with him yesterday in New York, she needs a girl intervention more than Jessica Simpson. But the one who blasted the sh-t out of Chris Brown as he was leaving a store yesterday and it was all caught on camera. See below.



This lady is a FRIEND.

What’s with the support? What’s with the girls begging for a piece of his attention? Promoting an album on the back of his abused ex-girlfriend, halfhearted attempts to support victims of domestic violence, is this a piece of sh-t who deserves the adulation?

People are so stupid.

Read them online, on the comment sections of websites after Rihanna’s impressive 20/20 interview with Diane Sawyer, even I have received messages suggesting that she somehow had it coming, and “Rihanna’s big forehead” was the #1 trending topic on Twitter immediately following her appearance with Sawyer.

A reader called Michele wrote to me yesterday articulating something that Duana and I were just talking about the other night. It’s a controversial question but it merits discussion: if this had happened to Taylor Swift or Kristen Stewart or Ashlee Simpson, if this had happened to a white girl would they still see it the same way? Or would it be 100% balls out sympathy, no questions asked?

Rihanna was in Paris yesterday en route for London. A new collaboration with Justin Timberlake was just released called Cold Case Love, deemed by many to be the best of her new album. Which I am buying. I am buying several times. This song gave us the chills this morning.

“What you did to me was a crime”

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