We’re a little under a month until Captain America: The Winter Soldier comes out and Marvel has released the first clip from the film. There’s slick action, a touch of humor, classic villain Batroc the Leaper—did you know that MTV Movie Award nominations came out yesterday? I’m sure you do, Lainey mentioned it. I know that the MTV Movie Awards are little more than a corporate-sponsored advertisement for youth-targeted marketing, but I felt a spike of rage when a friend drew my attention the “Best Hero” category. You know who wasn’t on it? Katniss Everdeen.

The MTV Movie Awards are a bizarre mix of popcorn flicks and legit award bait films, including Oscar winner 12 Years a Slave, because MTV, not unlike the HFPA, nominates the biggest stars they think they can get to show up for good ratings. But you cannot tell me that Katniss Everdeen wasn’t one of the top heroes of 2013. Or Elsa and Anna from Frozen. 2013 was a great year for girls in film because it proved twice over that people will go see female heroes—Catching Fire made over $860 million and Frozen just crossed the billion-dollar mark. All three are GOOD characters from GOOD movies, and Jennifer Lawrence is a HUGE star. Why not single her out?

Because girls can’t be heroes. That’s the message. MTV would rather nominate John Cale, Channing Tatum’s character from White House Down. Don’t remember him? Don’t worry, I didn’t either and I actually sat through that garbage. The judgment is that a totally forgettable character in a terrible movie that completely sh*t the bed is of more note than Katniss F*cking Everdeen. Sure, Tatum is very likeable and popular. But so is Jennifer Lawrence. If it’s a star power thing, they’re equals.

The really sad thing is some studio executive somewhere will use that as a reason to not create a new female hero. Never mind the box office, he’ll say, the kids didn’t really buy into it, did they? And if you think I’m exaggerating, one of the biggest reasons there hasn’t been a female-lead superhero movie to date is that girls don’t buy action figures (as much as boys). Never mind that women buy more branded clothing and sundries like notebooks and school supplies, just because girls don’t buy action figures, executives have justified not investing in a star vehicle for a female superhero. And now they have a new piece of made-up logic to continue upholding their ridiculous “we’re afraid of lady-things, so we don’t make things for ladies” mindset.

Watch this four-minute clip from Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Look at how cool Black Widow is as she kicks just as much ass as Cap. Look at her “crushing it” expression as she leaves a senate hearing. She’s super cool. Just like Katniss is super cool, and Elsa and Anna. The MTV Movie Awards air on April 13. That gives us 38 days to shovel sh*t on MTV for their epically terrible decision making.