Shania Twain recently kicked off her two year residency at Caesar’s in Vegas. Several of her country music girlfriends hit up her show on Saturday night, ahead of the Academy of Country Music Awards on Sunday. Here are Reba McEntire, Faith Hill, Kelly Clarkson, Miranda Lambert, and her Pistol Annies bandmates  Ashley Monroe, and Angaleena Presley backstage with Shania. Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood weren’t there.

That means nothing, of course, and I’m a c-nt for pointing it out. It’s just... if I were to ask you to predict who wouldn’t be there, those are the two you would have predicted, right? Non? OK fine. I am a c-nt.

As for how it went down at the ACM Awards -- no overt drama, and Carrie and Faith even posed together on the carpet with Shania so this...

... is clearly behind us though at the time I totally thought Faith was joking anyway.

What’s most telling though is that while Carrie and Taylor were both seen with almost all the others, they were not photographed with each other, again. That’s almost 3 years of award shows that they’ve not been pictured together, despite Carrie’s denials that they don’t get along. Coincidence or conspiracy?