Dear Gossips,

You excited for the VMAs? I am. According to The New York Times, the VMAs might be extra special this year because Music Videos Matter Again. For me though, this year, I’m excited about the women.

More often than not, if it’s a good VMAs, Beyoncé is involved. When she went solo with her first album? Dangerously In Love dropped in June 2003. Two months later she came out upside down and gave us Baby Boy and Crazy In Love at the VMAs. Remember when she mic-dropped her pregnancy? VMAs. When “Imma let you finish”? VMAs. And Beyoncé’s Vanguard acceptance performance? VMAs, obviously.

The Vanguard Award this year is going to Rihanna who first performed at the VMAs in 2008 with Disturbia and that iconic short haircut. More on Rihanna later today. Britney Spears’s career is also all tied up in the VMAs. And Britney will return to the VMAs on Sunday to hype the release of her new album Glory. Of course, Adele will be there too, as Hello is nominated for Video of the Year.

So. Question: is it the women who make the VMAs? Not just lately but since Janet Jackson and Madonna, it’s the women who take the VMAs to the next level, non? 

Enjoy the VMAs. I’ll be live-tweeting and we’ll have full coverage starting early, early, early Monday morning.

Have a great weekend!

Yours in gossip,