It’s the one of the biggest issues surrounding Wonder Woman—her costume. In the annals of comic book exploitation of women (boobsploitation), Wonder Woman’s panties-and-corset get-up is among the worst offenders. Her costume is utterly nonsensical for what she is—a fighter—and even as a little girl I was turned off by it. As I got a little older and started making the connection between Wonder Woman, Amazonian princess, and classical Greco-Roman mythology, I got even more confused. Her costume has nothing to do with ancient Greek fighters! The only redeeming factor was that she ran around in total mistress boots. Those boots are metal.

So it’s a challenge for Zack Snyder and the costume department on Batman vs. Superman: The Gang’s All Here. We all know the classic Lynda Carter look of Wonder Woman.

But there’s also animated Wonder Woman     (vaguely Pocahontas-y):

Traditional comic book Wonder Woman:

And rebooted New 52 Wonder Woman:

They all. wear. panties. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to ask that Cinematic Wonder Woman not be in panties.

According to, she won’t be. Instead of the blue-starred panties she’ll be in a blue leather skirt. And she’ll carry not only her iconic golden lasso but also a shield, sword and spear. You know, like an ACTUAL WARRIOR. She’ll have slightly more armor with more aggressive wrist cuffs and a more “battle ready” look overall, whatever that means. Maybe something along the lines of Lady Sif from the Thor franchise?

Just hopefully not “tits out”, but Snyder can’t make one movie without incorporating rape imagery, so I’m not holding my breath.

Still, I’ll take a miniskirt over panties any day, especially if it comes with a better arsenal and a design that actually evokes mythological soldiers. You know, Marvel is addressing similar concerns with the Scarlet Witch, who also has a ludicrously inappropriate costume in the comics.

You know how they fixed it? By dressing her like a normal person.

That’s not going to be entirely possible with Wonder Woman, but the concept is not a bad one. Imagine it: A female superhero designed to look cool and powerful, but not sexy.