When you show up at an awards show and you are the first on the carpet because, regardless of roles recently landed, you’re not that important and haven’t been for some time? When you scheme and campaign for a high-profile role, and everyone knows that you wanted it, and now you’ve got it and ostensibly are there as much to promote it as to support the other project you are in? 

When that’s the case, maybe don’t be the most tight-lipped, smirking, “oh I just don’t like to talk about that stuff” brat on the carpet, because nobody cares yet, and they have all forgotten Saved anyway, and incessant hair-dyeing and general young-person-ness means you’re not at all a veteran just yet. 

But you are in fact kind of a veteran, due to having been working forever, and you had the opportunity to win over some fans, but instead chose to be willfully coy and not actually promote anything. So that’s on you, but maybe think about your choices next time just a bit.    Also, I did not like your shoes.  Especially with that dress.