You’ve blocked it out, haven’t you?

My Shamef-ck showed up at Teen Choice in August shamef-cking me to hell in his rolled up jeans and no socks and loafers, puckering his lips and posing like a cross dressing private school punk ballerina stuck inside a music box, what?

I don’t know what. I can’t explain what. Because even after this, I still would. And no one would know.

But you’ve heard his real voice, right? You know that Ed Westwick speaks with a hot ass British accent? If no, check out the clip below. Actually rather cute. He’s being interviewed by his real life girlfriend Jessica Szohr and he can’t seem to look her in the eye without giggling. OMG they heart each other so much!

Please. It’s sexy as f-ck. It’s the best moments in high school. This boy definitely likes girls.

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