For weeks she was at the dance studio, and the paps were waiting, and the publicists were whipping us all into an anticipatory frenzy – Katie Holmes to perform on So You Think You Can Dance!

Then she went to Australia to film a new movie…


Oh, so it was pre-taped.

Right. Well at least she looked good. I mean she looked gorgeous. Very, very beautiful.

But it’s amazing to me that she had to train that hard for something so sh-t. RoboDancer’s routine consisted of stepping around her backups and getting lifted from one side of the stage to the other. Nothing intricate, nothing sophisticated, nothing dramatic, nothing WORTHY.

And remember when that choreographer claimed it was Oscar level? OSCAR LEVEL!?!? That dude must have been smoking some Stephenie Meyer Mormon dust. Because please.

It was embarrassing. And insulting. Especially to the competitors who have to bust their asses week after week. To see some Hollywood zombie wife contribute absolutely nothing to a show that is supposed to stand for excellence and accomplishment…and not even LIVE. The way they edited this routine, even I could have worked that little top hat and tossed it around like art.

Oh but guess what?


Katie Holmes brought in big ratings. Good taste is getting buried alive.