Written by Duana

(Lainey: aaaaannnnd…. Duana with a controversial position.)

It’s like, I don’t want you not to be happy, or anything but … you’ve changed. You just aren’t the same any more. And – I’m not saying it’s him, or anything, but maybe you need to investigate like, what your priorities are? Because the thing is, I love you, and I miss you. You know? I’m only saying this to be a friend, Em.

On July 10th, 2010, these two got married.

First off, I must freely admit to loving him more than I do the average star. Take your Depps and your Pitts and your almost everyone elses, and I will take me some John K. In fact, were it not for the fact that it’s Krasinski who’s legally married, he would trump Ryan Gosling for me in a heartbeat.

And I love, LOVE Emily Blunt. Because she says she can’t talk about process, because it’s “wanky”, because she acted circles around Anne Hathaway and was somehow kind about it, because, to me, she is the anti-Natalie Portman. She’s a great actress without TELLING everyone she’s a great actress, and that is an achievement.

Now include the obligatory paragraph about how absolutely beautiful they both are, and how very much we like them in pretty, pretty evening clothing…

And I have gotten NOTHING. Nothing. Not one iota of what it’s like to be married to him, nothing about who travels where when someone has a project, nothing about what his mother said when his son married a Brit – barely even a photo (hilariously, if you google them, there is a wedding pic from The Office with Emily Blunt’s face badly Photoshopped over Jenna Fischer’s). I know they’ve been busy, so maybe they decided to take this year for themselves.

Lo, these are stars, doing what we always implore stars to do, to wit: stay on the DL, don’t court the press, don’t shove yourselves in our faces all the time.

But therein lies the paradox. Because if I’m to be a fan of the actors – not just of the individual projects they do, but to follow the actors from project to project – aren’t I entitled to know a little bit about them? Am I being too demanding? Each of them has half-a-dozen new films and things coming out so they’ll promote them then, I’m sure. And somehow, Jay Leno will awkwardly ask “So how’s your beautiful wife?” and maybe he’ll answer, but –

Somehow, from these two, I want more. I want the Original Recipe Bennifer style tour of the house with the long sitdown with Barbara Walters. They probably have such a CUTE New York pied-a-terre for when they’re not in LA. Right?

Or am I the one who’s in the wrong here? Are they too good for that kind of thing? I mean guys, this is reason why Rachel McAdams is so awesome – she runs around Toronto on the SUBWAY. She’s giving people gawking opportunities, like, whenever they want. Why can’t they all be like that? John, Emily? Something?

Of course, the last couple I pulled for – thought they had a bit of a chance – well, they announced their separation last night. So maybe don’t listen to me.

Attached – Emily Blunt at the Hollywood Fashion Awards the other night and with John Krasinski leaving Soho House on the weekend.

Photos from Wenn.com and Flynetonline.com