I interviewed Melissa Leo like 2 hours after she was nominated for Best Supporting Actress Oscar. She was really, really lovely. We were at Sundance. She said she was on her way that afternoon back to LA to start getting styled. And then a couple of weeks later her Oscar ads came out ...

Sarah, at the time, compared them to a “foot wound”. Click here for a refesher.

Look, I’m happy Leo went on to win and that these terrible and tacky images that she supposedly financed on a rogue campaign did not end up spoiling her honour. Some say, however, that many Academy members found it an unsavoury, unnecessary move. And that she came close to jeopardising what was already locked up.

And there ensued a big ass debate...

Because it’s not really the act of campaigning but HOW you campaign, right? Don’t campaign like a country bumpkin, seems to be the message. Do it by hiring a girlfriend and dragging her to all the carpets?

Looking back, I feel really bad for her. Here’s this character actress who wants it bad, so bad. But no one’s told her that there’s a science to this sh-t. That you’re supposed to do it tastefully. (What kind of people were advising her???) In the end I choose not to remember her cursing on stage at the Kodak. I will remember instead a very emotional and excited Melissa with the choir, singing and celebrating at the end of the show, holding her Oscar up in the air, truly appreciative of the moment.

Also attached - Melissa Leo at the Gotham Awards a couple of weeks ago in New York.