Maybe not the worst, worst, worst hook-up of the year, but definitely down there. Down there for sure.

It was around the Oscars. Word got out that they were hanging out. And then a TMZ photo confirmed it. Of the two of them at lunch, her foot between his legs as she was putting a fork in her mouth.

They were subsequently seen jogging together. And then she supposedly moved into his Malibu home. And they held hands at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. By early June it was over, conveniently just as Ryan Reynolds was seeing Charlize Theron undercover.

Maybe that was Scarjo’s cold shower. Maybe she was like, um, my ex is with one of the most ridiculously attractive women in the business, and I’m... f-cking that pig Sean Penn.

At the time, upon hearing of the end of Scarjo and Sean, I asked the Gossip Genie to make it happen between her and John Mayer. Still waiting...