Or my nickname for him, This F-cking Guy.

The good news is, Martin Lawrence is over and Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t have to be dating him anymore. Because This F-cking Guy gave us so much cringe the last half of the year.

Just to recap – Chris Martin seemed to beg to be swallowed up by the earth whenever we saw him with HIS WIFE, Gwyneth Paltrow, during their marriage. He didn’t want us looking at him while he and Jennifer Lawrence were dating either. Then we find he and Jen are over. And he’s with Annabelle Wallis?


Exactly. Annabelle Wallis might have her time, eventually, but right now, she’s not Gwyneth and she’s now JLaw. Which is why he’s so happy to waltz down the cobblestones with her in Paris. Click here if you forgot what that cheese looked like.

Didn’t seem to mind kissing her in the presence of the paps either:

And when they flew in to LA together on the same flight, he wasn’t looking for a trash can to dive into when photographers met them at arrivals. In fact, he was all smiles. Click here for a refresher.

He wasn’t bothered at all when paps shot him picking Annabelle up in Malibu and twirling her around – click here for a refresher on that.

Then came the new music, and a song that just might be about Jennifer Lawrence about turning on his magic, code word: my dormant boner. Coldplay songs have been sickly for years but this one hit the gag meter super hard.

And if all that wasn’t enough… well…

There’s always the gorilla groove.

Attached – Chris leaving Heathrow and later arriving back in LA yesterday to spend the holidays with Gwyneth and their kids.