Hindsight is a beautiful thing. What happened at the very beginning of 2015 actually told us everything we needed to know about Jeremy Renner for the entire year. Let’s look all the way back to January 2015. You remember this moment, don’t you?

I had several video options to choose from. But that one, with the freeze frame on his expression and the song that kicks in immediately afterwards, well, I feel like it really makes the point.

A few months later, during the Avengers: Age Of Ultron press tour, Jeremy flashes his sexism again when he called Black Widow a “slut” and a “whore” and Chris Evans laughed about it. Both subsequently apologised. Chris’s, at least, was a decent “sorry”. Jeremy? Jeremy was all like, “I apologise for making a joke about a fictional character that offended you even though it’s not a real person”. Click here for a refresher. Then he repeated that bullsh-t apology on Conan – basically, she doesn’t exist so, um, I’m sorry but not sorry you’re mad on her behalf. Click here for a refresher on that.

Oh but we’re not done. Because in June Jeremy talked to Playboy to promote Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation. And he revisited the JLO Globes incident, pretty much vindicating himself for the offence by declaring that she was turned on by the remark:

“Actually, Jennifer thought it was f*cking funny and got a little sweaty and maybe even turned on by the whole experience.”

And then he patronised Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, before declaring that he’s definitely not gay, and ending by telling the magazine about how he had to choke out a motherf-cker out one time because his balls are just big like that. Click here for a refresher.

And we are still not done.

In October, Jeremy was asked about Jennifer Lawrence’s essay on equal pay and whether or not everyone in the industry should be advocating for equality. His response?

“That’s not my job.”

His words. Not mine. Click here to revisit that.

He took a lot of heat for his attitude. So his publicist released a statement trying to clarify his comments. And then, like a righteous indignant boor, he took to Twitter to challenge us, or something:



It’s been two months and I still don’t know what that means.

But there’s more!

He’s supposedly recording an album. Jeremy Renner, rock star and part-time actor, just like Johnny Depp, someone else who’s on the Worst of 2015 list. Let’s play sh-t or diarrhoea Would You Rather:

Would you rather …

Listen to an album by I Can’t Ariana Grande or…

An album by Jeremy Renner?

Attached – Renner at the Sinatra tribute earlier this month.