It hurt to write that. Because as you know, Coldplay is one of my favourite bands. I have seen them several times live. I can pretty much give you any lyric to any of their songs, on the spot. There are 6 cd spots in my car, and when it’s raining outside, three of those slots always belong to Chris and the boys. The other 3 are reserved for Radiohead – perfect for suicide. But as much as I love Coldplay, I also wish they’d get back to Parachutes, when Chris used to sing with a normal voice instead of going falsetto on song after song. Don’t get me wrong – he sounds great in the studio and he sounds amazing when he’s not trying to rock out on the high notes. But tonight, in front of millions of people, trying hard to be U2 (because that, ultimately, is their goal), Chris failed miserably. So bad that I cringed. So bad that even I, a super loyal Coldplay fan, has to acknowledge that they have a LONG way to go before reaching “greatest band” status. Blech.