This is, so far, what the US version of The X Factor is for me.

The judges and the host are featured on the cover of The Hollywood Reporter. First thing I fixated on was that weird blonde stripe that seems to be running up Simon Cowell’s head. Is it bad lighting? Why didn’t they fix it? This is making me crazy. And, as you can see from the video below, it clearly wasn’t there during the photo shoot. You know what was there during the photo shoot? Holy sh-t a lot of plastic surgery. Paula’s face is crazier than Nicole Kidman’s. And Simon! Simon too! His CHEEKS!!! Also they talk a lot, all of them, and they don’t say much. I hope they’re a lot more articulate when the show actually starts. Am really, really curious to see how this thing rates. They’re hoping for monster numbers. How come I’m not feeling it?

PS. Steve Jones is kinda hot.

But can we go back to Simon’s face???

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