I’m a sucker for goose fleshy music in a movie trailer if it’s done well. Which is an obvious thing to say. But the goose fleshy music attempt is so often attempted, with sh-tty results, that it feels more and more like it doesn’t happen enough. It happens here because we have two master narrators at work who can match the music with their voices.

Here is the first full-length trailer for X-Men: Days of Future Past featuring Ian McKellan and Patrick Stewart, front and centre, and this is smart, because they lend a certain…gravitas to the two minutes that would have been lost if we were only focusing on the new generation of Xs.

This is my totally neophyte interpretation of what’s going on:

Wolverine needs to go back in time because James McAvoy is sad and bitter and his sadness and bitterness is threatening people’s lives?

Oh I hope so. When he says “I don’t want your future”, it makes me want to put this junket into my future. Never considered asking for it before but now I might have to fight @BenMulroney for it.