Update: apparently this is a fake trailer. The real one comes out at noon PT. But James still looks fine? Sorry! But I'm still gloating about Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher.

Thanks to Amanda for sending a link to a non-Facebooky trailer, the first, for X-Men First Class.

I’m not a comic geek so I leave it to you to discuss and debate the merits of whether or not justice has been served, at least in terms of faithfulness to the series.

My job is to quiver over James McAvoy.

Dude. If you are a James McAvoy fan, if you loved the way he looked in Atonement, this trailer does not disappoint. Goddamn he is BEAUTIFUL. I mean…the peak at the nape of his neck? Jesus. They spent a lot of money lighting him well, tailoring him well, and I’m walking away from this minute long clip pressing play again and fangirling the rest of the afternoon. The final shot of him? Kinda falling away like that?


Steel yourselves. It’s too much. It’s much too much. Maybe I shouldn’t post this too much so early in the day. But two James McAvoy articles – huzzah!


X-Men First Class 2011 Movie Trailer HD - Watch more Funny Videos