I posted a fake X-Men First Class trailer yesterday. But that only means there’s an excuse to write about him again today with the proper trailer and more photos.

James was interviewed on This Morning yesterday in support of Gnomeo & Juliet. I like it when it’s spelled with a single T. Juliet > Juliette. That however may be because I associate Juliette with the whole Juliette vs Justine thing after a brief obsession with the Marquis de Sade when I was 17. Subsequently I found out there’s a Swedish porn by the same name. But I digress. Why am I associating the Marquis’ depravity with lovely James McAvoy? Then again, the Marquis would probably enjoy the scene that finds McAvoy and Michael Fassbender reclined lasciviously on a bed as a winged and seemingly topless Zoe Kravitz stands before them. Fassbender is HOT. I like it when he sticks his hand out as he struts down the hall, all power and control and then makes a fist with a pump like all superhero and man and sh-t. I also wonder if, as an actor, you feel ridiculous making those kinds of gestures. By the way, Fassbender and Kravitz are a couple in real life. He’s sexy, she’s gorgeous, I am turned on by this although I am slightly alarmed at how a post about mutants in movies has somehow been dominated by the themes of de Sade. Not likely the marketing plan Fox is going to take to promote the film.

Photos from Wenn.com