Twilight’s newest breakout star Xavier Samuel shopped alone in Yaletown yesterday. As reported last week, Xavier just filmed what’s slated to be the opening scene in Twilight Eclipse – a major coup considering his character in the book barely gets any airtime. Hollywood’s treatment and subsequent improvement of the source material however, adding tension and real drama and expanded role for Xavier, was perhaps inspired by his talent and potential. Am late on this (sorry there was so much going on in Toronto) but Xavier’s performance in The Loved Ones which premiered at TIFF certainly kicked off some buzz. The film is amazing. Campy and terrifying and surprising all at once and as such distinguished as one of the best of the festival.

Xavier in particular was singled out among industry players and media. I recently spoke to two independent filmmakers and a studio executive separately and all happened to mention that they are developing projects with him in mind, not on the strength of his sudden popularity among the Twilight faithful but on the strength of his presence in The Loved Ones which won the Midnight Madness People’s Choice Award at TIFF (over Jennifer’s Body, heh).

The Loved Ones has been added to AFI Film’s Halloween programme in Hollywood. Go see it if you can.

Exclusive photos from PUNKD Images