Who is this Alex Rodriguez? Producing in the post season? And clutch?

Manslinger Magic!

Kate Hudson’s sweet loving has resulted in a Yankees sweep of the Twins with ARod factoring in all three wins, and they’ll next meet the Angels to play for the American League title.

Needless to say, Kate has suddenly become rather popular within the organisation. Whatever she’s doing, she needs to keep doing it. And they need to keep her happy. They need to keep the peace. They need to keep those other bitches quiet.

Which is why Page Six reports that the Yankees have issued an edict to the WAGs. No talking trash about Kate Hudson:

"The Yankees told the girls to be careful who they spoke to about Kate. They are concerned about the ramifications for the players."

Ask Minka Kelly how she feels about that.

But you don’t f-ck around with a streak. Never.

This is Kate at Friday’s game with her dad Kurt Russell.

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