If you’re a regular visitor here at LaineyGossip, you know how much I love black-ish. If you’re new to this site, please know that I love black-ish, SO MUCH. Black-ish is about the Johnsons, their kids, and their extended family. Bow and Dre have four kids, with one on the way, so with such a big cast, we don’t get to spend much time with each of the children individually, which is another reason why the show is so great because even still, every character is fully formed and individual.

Zoey is the oldest and it’s her last year in high school. There have already been a couple of episodes this season about her going off to college next year. Last week it was reported that ABC and showrunner Kenya Barris are talking about a spinoff about Zoey at school on her own. Right now it’s early stages, nothing has been set… but I really need to tell you how I feel about this idea.


The comparisons between this possibility and Denise Huxtable’s A Different World are obvious. When Denise left home to go to Hillman, I watched both The Cosby Show and A Different World back to back religiously. Over time, A Different World was the one I desperately needed. It was Denise’s life, her friends, her dramas, HER CLOTHES. How many of you remember that Marisa Tomei was Denise’s roommate!!! Fun fact! Did you know that Meg Ryan was originally up for the role???

Anyway, according to Deadline they’re thinking of airing a “backdoor pilot” episode for the Zoey spinoff this season before, hopefully, launching the new show in the fall. Backdoor pilots don’t always work out though, as Duana has taught me. On Gilmore Girls, they tried one with Jess in California, living with his dad. I just watched it a couple of months ago and it’s not surprising why that never worked out. That whole episode I was like, why the f-ck do I have to care about this? And when I yelled at Duana over text about it her response was…well, exactly.

I can guarantee you, however, that I will care a LOT about Zoey Johnson’s spinoff. And that I care a LOT about Yara Shahidi. In fact, I’m already kind of obsessed with her and everything she wears. She nailed it, again, at the SAGs last night.