If I had my pick of any Emmy dress last night, for my own personal style, it would be Yara Shahidi’s dress. Worn with my silver stacked combat boots and a really tight topknot. The question is: would I wear it two nights in a row?

On Saturday, Yara wore a very similar dress to the BAFTA Tea Party. It’s not exactly the same, but it’s same enough with the high collar, the short sleeve, the defined waist, the length, and the flow. I bet you some people, like Jacek, who doesn’t have an eye for fashion details, probably couldn’t tell them apart. And that’s what’s interesting to me. Because for most people it would be a thing. I think it would be a thing for me too. I think I might be vain and precious enough to not want to go back to back like this. So I love that she did. I love that she wasn’t too vain or too precious to repeat a style vibe when, I’m sure, she had options. My takeaway from this then is that Yara Shahidi just wasn’t bothered. Yara Shahidi is that chill. And that, above all else, is the essence of style.