I had some time yesterday in between shoots to catch up online. The Charlie St Cloud trailer starring Zac Efron has been released. The initial expectation was that I was in for a giant eye roll. But then LipGloss leaned in for a kiss on the shoulder. And all of a sudden he wasn’t LipGloss anymore. All of a sudden there was the promise of some quiver. Quiver still unrealised, but potential nonetheless. And this was rather remarkable, especially since it only took two and a half minutes. And I’m the most hardcore Efron skeptic you can find.

Thinking perhaps that it was too much Grey Goose clouding my judgment, I headed home for Laura who was working back at our flat. Laura wasn’t a believe either. So I made her watch it. We watched together. And she was even more surprised than I was. She felt the glimmer of a future tingle too. Zac Efron leading man?

I’m not saying I’m a believer. But certainly he’s answered *some* of my doubts. As for the trailer, it’s a little formulaic. But it also doesn’t totally suck. There’s a spark of something there, I certainly can’t slag it. In fact, it made me want to see it. Oh no he didn’t. Zac Efron is challenging the Pattinson. Laura obviously won’t concede to this. You know.

Here’s Zac arriving in Vancouver yesterday, back in town for Charlie St Cloud reshoots. The film will be released in July. Also spotted at the airport – his Canadian co-star Amanda Crew. Gorgeous girl. I know her from a CTV series a few years ago called Whistler. She’s now living in LA. So skinny these days.

Exclusive photos from Punkd Images