Did you see it from the back? There was a piece sticking up. And every woman on the carpet except for his handler wanted to smack him there and flatten that sh-t out. This is the problem with Zac Efron. The vanity.

On the one hand he’s sweet and obliging and eager on the carpet. You know this is a kid who wants to work hard, is willing to walk that line without turning into a complete robot (oh hi Taylor Lautner), and who is smart enough to take good advice from good people.

But then there’s the LipGloss. He can’t wear a pair of ripped jeans without thinking about it for an hour. He can’t put on a beanie without long deliberation about the colour. He can’t come to the Oscars without making his hair a f-cking topic of conversation. Come ON. Really?

Also – please mention to his publicist that she needs to start carrying around some blotting paper. This is why I call him LipGloss. Because his entire face is like one glossy lip. Moist. Too moist. And too short. Sooooo short. Hate to be a height-ist all the time, but he’s 5 ft 8. No more.

Photos from Wenn.com