His hair is perfect throughout, he doesn’t say much but there’s a lot of pouting, and he gets to pretend he’s friends with Nicole Richie and Brody Jenner…

It’s Zac Efron’s Pool Party on Funny or Die.

You smell like a waffle.

It’s not the strongest video ever, although I am fascinated by Zac’s “twang” that seems to come and go. Also, I can’t picture him having sex with Vanessa Hudgens. And now I sound like my mother but 19 year old kids owning big houses with pools totally trips me out.

Video is below:


Lip is hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend. Is currently working on his big debut in New York. Can’t lie. I will watch. I need to how he does. Because I am exactly the person Zac Efron must win over. Who can resist a challenge?

Photo from Wenn.com