By the GMD? Later, we’ll get to that later.

Zac Efron covers the new issue of Details and it’s another great interview and article from the magazine, managing to manage the requisite celebrity asskissing with some citizen speak, like this hilarious line from the writer on Efron’s lack of influence with the male movie-goer:

Efron's also aware that although there are scores of young girls who will, for the moment, buy tickets for any project he does regardless of its quality, there are at least as many guys, like my thirtysomething movie-junkie friend, who had a hard time accepting Efron in arguably the best movie he's made, Richard Linklater's Me and Orson Welles, because they found themselves wanting to "punch his pretty f-cking face in."

Now imagine Zac’s publicist reading that last line. Or Zac himself.

Well, in all fairness, and to Zac’s credit, he actually concedes wholeheartedly that he is not only UNcool, but also tries too hard. His admission of his earnestness is actually rather endearing to me. At least he’s not fronting to the readers of Details that he’s some kind I don’t give a sh-t badass. Nope, Zac owns the fact that his hand will always be the first to shoot up in class when teacher asks a question. Unless of course Taylor Lautner is in the room. Better a boy who wears his earnestness than one who jostles about like he’s some kind of melancholy artist without the required soul damage to authenticate it. I guess.

It’s a good read, better than the usual star profile, and there’s an amazing GMD moment to go along with it. Apparently one day, Tom Cruise, THE Tom Cruise, chased down Zac Efron, little Zac Efron, and, like, practically begged to come over and ride bikes.

I’m telling you.

But Cruise recently flagged Efron down in the lobby of CAA. "You ride motorcycles?" Cruise asked him. Alas, he didn't. "You wanna learn how?" Cruise invited him out to his house, taught him how a motorcycle engine works, showed him the hangar with his dozens of pristine bikes—including the Triumphs he rode in the Mission: Impossible movies. Efron was allowed to ride a pedigree-less dirt bike. "He made so many great movies," Efron says of Cruise. "I get the feeling that he works really, really hard. It didn't come from swagger with him. It came from dedication, hard work. You see it in the way he physicalizes everything. You watch The Last Samurai and that's him! He's really doing that." I ask Efron why he supposes Cruise bothered reaching out to him. "I don't know," he says. "I don't even want to know. It's just so cool that he gave a sh-t, the fact that he cared at all. No one else did that."

I know. I can hear Oprah. Like instead of criticising the freakiness of the moment, I’m supposed to eat my bitch and go off about how kind and gracious the GMD is in his treatment of the new guard, what a magnanimous gesture, what a sweet way to welcome an emerging star.


It’s weird. And gross. Tom Cruise is f-cking weird and gross. And And I’m embarrassed for him.

Why does Tom Cruise need to be stalking pretty boy actors and bringing them to his house to play with his toys?


And you’ll love the part about Bryan Singer at the end too. This writer is brilliant. Click here for more of Zac from Details. A video of the photoshoot is below too.

Also attached – Vanessa Hudgens performed at the Hollywood Bowl this weekend in a production of Rent. Zac was in the audience.