Jesus Christ these blasting headlines about a SPLIT!!!

You’d think it was something monumental. 

Like when Tom and Nicole broke up. 

Or Brad and Jen. 

Or Ben and Jen.

But this...

This is about Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens. Please. Let’s exercise some moderation. 

Two weeks ago, the two were all loved up in Hawaii. Video is below. Now Marc Malkin over at E! had the exclusive. Then everyone else started freaking out.


They started dating when they were, like, 18. Is that what we expect now? That our boyfriends/girlfriends at 20 will become our husbands/wives? Britney and Justin 4eva!

Apparently their relationship had “run its course”. Which is a really great way to describe it. Clearly he has no use for her anymore seeing as his career has kinda plateaued. Serves him much better professionally to be single anyway. It’s just too bad he’s so small and Blake Lively is so tall.


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