Who to start with? LipGloss or Pipsqueak?

Let’s go with the junior. He arrived in London today continuing to promote 17 Again in Europe.

Bill Hader told ESPN this morning that the final four hosts this season on Saturday Night Live would be Seth Rogen, Zac Efron, Justin Timberlake, and Will Ferrell.

Lippy gets a shot at SNL! The fangirls are dying! The Pattinson contingent is screaming injustice! There was something about a petition lobbying for the Sparkly One to host and now Lips beat him to it. Maybe in the Fall when New Moon comes out…? If Rob agrees to a skit featuring a Pretty-Off between him and Zac, I’ll stop ragging on his Open Mouth Posing.

As for Zac, obviously quite a coup, the latest in a series of good moves. He’s selling 17 Again, presented at the Oscars, and also turned down the opportunity to star in Footloose, eager to expand his repertoire, looking for a wider variety of roles… much like his mentor Leonardo DiCaprio. Well played.

As such, a kick ass appearance on SNL would not only put him in good stead but also, he hopes, endear him to a new, more discerning audience. Case in point, the fact that Justin Timberlake always kills it on Saturday Night is quite possibly his best quality.

Speaking of JT, he’s back too…

He’s almost a regular anyway. And I will mark it on the calendar. Because Pips does great work on SNL though no doubt his girlfriend will try to sneak her way in there too. Pip will be promoting that reality tv show of his, and performing with Ciara, the musical guest, for whom he produced the track Love, Sex, Magic. He looks great in the video.

Love, Sex, Magic

However Pip’s most intriguing appearance in May won’t be his return to Studio 8H but his presence at the Costume Institute Gala. He’s not just a guest…he’s actually co-chairing the event with Anna Wintour, Marc Jacobs, and Kate Moss.


You see why Jessica Biel will never detach herself?

Will she be there?


She’ll f-cking sew her Shelf Ass into his jacket if she has to.

And what will she wear? Will there be a napkin hanging from her chest? You know, Conde Nast put her in that mess? For the Oscars?

Anna Wintour is such a cunning bitch, I love her so much.

The Costume Institute Gala – it’s my favourite. It’s where they must bring it. This is why, oftentimes, they fail the hardest.

Just to remind you – Victoria Beckham last year. And Jessica Simpson the year before. Lara and I covered it together. It formed the basis of our friendship. Watching Porny ooze out of that Cavalli. Seeing her back fat made us happier about squeezing our own. Yeah, we’re bitches…

Photos from Stephen Lovekin and Evan Agostini/Gettyimages.com and Flynetonline.com