Michelle pointed it out – LipGloss is incapable of growing facial hair. And he makes up for it by not washing his hair? Like Robert Pattinson?

But Rob Pattinson can grow a beard. So Zac’s answer to that is to bring his beard. And Vanessa Hudgens looked as out of place among the major players as he did. Pretending to be in awe of Dustin Hoffman… like a child of Disney knows about Dustin Hoffman? Please.

Did you catch his moment on stage presenting with Hayden Panettiere? LipGloss was too busy trying to impress the audience to look at the prompter and missed his cue (Gabriel Byrne wasn’t there to accept) so Hayden had to start him off… and, like the drama queen he is, Zac snatched it back from her. Those are my lines! No actor wants to lose a line.

Photos from Wenn.com