Don’t want to rag on Zac Efron too hard because he was at a charitable event last night for the inaugural St Jude Children’s Hospital Estrellas Por La Vida gala but that hair… it’s hard to ignore that hair. That hair is too distracting. That hair is almost a disservice to the event. If were in the audience, I would have been too fixated on that hair to pay attention to what he was saying. And he was probably saying that people should donate. Which means that hair would have been getting in the way of the message. I was a fundraiser for Covenant House and I still volunteer for major campaigns, The Message is always more important than The Celebrity Guest and That Hair.

I have a lot of new affection for Zac Efron. Since he popped in to Covenant House Vancouver last year – click here for a refresher - I have actively tried to overlook his vanity. But sometimes, sometimes That Hair just slaps you in the face.

Also...why is Vanessa Hudgens always trying to look down at you?

Photos from Alberto E. Rodriguez/