MK Olsen, having no use for them anymore after the Spirit Awards, loaned her prunes to Vanessa Hudgens last night who gave them a very good workout, in between moments when she wasn’t scowling about her dress.

Bitch, if you can’t control the dress, don’t f-ckin’ wear it. Also – it looked cheap. The detailing looked cheap. The flower feathers looked cheap. PROM. Fitting.

What’s worse is her lack of confidence wearing it. Fussing about the train, fussing about stepping on it, fussing about other people stepping on it…

Both of them, fuss fuss fuss.

Her with her gown. Him with his hair.

For real, at one point when Zac Efron was posing right behind us at the last photo wall, he could not stop touching his hair, tucking it obsessively behind his left ear 9 times in less than a minute. It could have been a drinking game for us. Not like a nervous fidget but like a boy who needed to make sure nothing stray escaped, that no photo was imperfect.

And the amount of time he stayed there…

Put it this way – he arrived below us just before TK and I went to camera. We threw back to Ben quickly after maybe 10 seconds because he had a new interview lined up. Ben’s interview took 3 minutes. He threw back to us. We were on for another minute, then we threw to Ben, then he threw to commercial break. Break was 2 minutes. Zac is still there. We’re at 5 minutes now.

Back from break, we open with 45 seconds off the top, then back to Ben for another interview at 2 minutes.


Please note. This is the last of 3 or 4 photo walls along the red carpet. He’s been shot like easily 5,000 times at this point. Compare and contrast to Robert Pattinson who spent maybe 30 seconds at the final photo wall before his handler cut it off.

Speaking of – this is the 3 of them at the Governor’s Ball. Photo Assumption on LipGloss’s face:

You bastard – why is your hair so effortlessly perfect? I hate you but I want to kiss you.

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