17 Again, the LA premiere last night. As you’d expect, there was a strong Disney contingent present to support Zac Efron. The Mouse’s current favourite son was joined by the Mouse’s current favourite family – LipGloss and the Vagina Virgins together for one screamworthy evening!

Lip, as you can see, is once again working those inturned feet. His ridiculous hair sideswept perfectly, his pixie features arranged appealingly on his face – this is not a boy, this is a cartoon character.

As for the Jonas Brothers, the middle one seems to be feathering his coif 70s styles. This must be why he’s considered the most attractive. I have no idea who’s doing the considering. All I know is that it’s not me. I pick the youngest one. Of course I do.

Duana has the most hilarious reaction to these kids. Like instant revulsion. Like how regular people would react to maggots. She’s probably muttering under her breath in disgust as she reads. The irony of this never fails to amuse me.

Photos from Wenn.com and Gettyimages.com and AXELLE/Bauergriffinonline.com