Had the most random, random dream last night. We were at a party. I was hanging out with Zac Efron, who seems to have replaced his LipGloss with a big boy beard, or at least an attempt at one. Looks ridiculous. Patches of facial hair are not going to land him the kind of roles that are going to Ryan Gosling. Boy, please.

But back to my dream – I kept trying to lose him because I didn’t want to share my joint, which is bizarre in itself because I don’t smoke weed. Not because I don’t want to – I wish I could because I am so f-cking uptight and so full of neuroses (like how many times a day I have to shower) and it would be great if I could unclench once in a while – but because, as I’ve noted before, I react badly too it. Paranoia, motion sickness and then the toilet.

Anyway, for whatever reason, the dream me couldn’t shake the LipGloss. He kept showing up in every room at the party and motioning for us to go outside. Finally my friends got tired of trying to avoid him, and we were sitting around a pool with leather couches, and I took a drag and passed it to him, and he took a drag, and smiled like he was relieved and passed it back to me and left. As he was walking away, he told us he was going to call his mom now. That was the dream. F-ckin’ weird.

This is Zac in London tonight at the premiere of Charlie St Cloud. Again, not sure who he thinks he’s fooling with this growth.

Photos from Wenn.com