LipGloss sent the girlies into a frenzy today in Paris at the premiere of 17 Again. It was well worth it then, that hour he spent on his hair. That’s how long I spend on my hair when it needs to get done. And mine is almost down to my ass.

But an hour on Elf Hair? Like I said earlier, it’s because I’m an old cow. Don’t understand how this hair brings the quiver? Pushed forward like that and strategically arranged across the forehead like an arrow, wispy strands poking out at perfect angles…


I guess.

As you can see, LipGloss is trying to work some facial hair. Been growing it for a couple of weeks now. Let’s call it Disney Stubble: not too threatening but just the hint of “man” if you use a magnifying glass. I love the dainty way he walks in his tapered pants. Five minutes ago I asked my husband if he could do the same, just to humour me. He said it would be impossible because his balls would get in the way.

And those five words totally explain the deficiency of Zac Efron.

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