LipGloss is f-cking with his hair again. And those legs, the Blender Legs are back. Zac Efron must think they help with opening a movie. After all, 17 Again opened in 1st place earning over $20 million. And back then, LipGloss was working the pre-Bieber. I’m superstitious like that too. And there are higher expectations now with Charlie St Cloud.

This is Zac at the premiere in LA last night with Vanessa Hudgens. I don’t think she’s capable of holding her head straight when she’s posing. As you can see, Zac seems extra pigeon-toed and his hair is extra mussed on purpose by accident, and, well, he really has never looked prettier, a very, very beautiful boy. There are so many of them. This of course is what they’re trading on for the movie.

Charlie St Cloud
opens on July 30. I think it might actually have a chance. Because at the beginning I liked the trailer, the first trailer. But I hate the second trailer. It’s below. I hate when they give away the big turning moment. But we’ve yet to see a vagina movie this summer – one of those tearjerker, heartachers that usually swells from word of mouth, championed by that coveted box office influencer: the women. Or maybe the women are already too exhausted by multiple viewings of Eclipse. Still, a little summer sap doesn’t hurt. I saw The Notebook three times in theatres.

Am also attaching photos of Dave Franco, brother of James, who I actually thought was Zac when I was looking at these images in smaller sizes. Like a total Zac/James hybrid. Trippy, right? Zac was on Leno last I night. I preferred that outfit.

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