Was at my first Canucks game of the season last night. Yeah, you’re right. The season started almost 2 weeks ago. But this is how it is in my house:

We are Vancouver Canucks season ticket holders. Jacek has ordered NHL Centre Ice. Jacek has ordered NHL Game Centre Live. Every night he has several games on the tv and several games streaming across our 2 laptops AND he will likely order every Pay-Per-View Canucks game this year. And this applies only to hockey. We haven’t even started the conversation about football yet. Or golf.

Suffice to say, there is a lot of hockey happening in my life. And I’m not even a Canucks fan. So I was in no rush to get to a game. There are, like, 40 of them left. I prefer the weekends.

We sat down in our seats and LipGloss is directly across from us. I would have many more nice things to say about Zac Efron if not for his hair. That hair. That hair almost negates all his positive attributes. Click here for the photos.

It’s been 3 months since Zac Efron arrived in Vancouver. And he’s kept a very, very low profile. On set I’m told he’s the consummate professional, works hard, doesn’t f-ck around, and stays focused, does not fly to LA to party and mess around every weekend, is serious about learning, adhering to the advice he received from his idol Leonardo DiCaprio.

On Saturday night Zac and Vanessa Hudgens were out for a low key dinner outside downtown Vancouver, joined by a few colleagues and producers, described to be “not affected” at all, super polite, generous, and they were able to enjoy their evening undisturbed.

Last night he seemed very sweet. Attended with a very excited young boy, his costar in his new film, was present with him the entire time, they were close, it was cute, and he didn’t look bored or disinterested. Zac had venue security assigned to him for the night. One minder sitting across the aisle who would stand guard a few steps from the front row during intermissions to block overzealous fans. He happily posed with people who were in his section but security took care of the desperates who were coming from all over the arena, two in particular tried twice to get close and were shut down both times. After every rejection, they would regroup at the exit, trying to come up with a new strategy to nail the target.


So yes, this iteration of LipGloss is certainly much more palatable. Almost likeable. But for the overcoiffing. I mean f-ck, that sh-t is choreographed like a Rob Marshall movie. And those pants too. Those pants are on purpose. The underwear is on purpose. And they suggest a contrivance of character and an adolescent vanity that belie his supposed attempts to be regarded as an actor as opposed to a celebrity. Leo isn’t addicted to Bumble & Bumble.

Again, click here to see photos of LipGloss at the game.

File photos from Wenn.com