LipGloss Zac Efron has been keeping a low profile in Vancouver while working on Charlie St Cloud. Has also not been attacked by LipHards hoping he’ll fall in love with them while signing an autograph or the Twi-Hard preferred method of asphyxiation.

On Saturday Zac went up to Whistler and was spotted bungee jumping. Thanks to Nicole and Janey for sending these photos! If I were Michael K at Dlisted I would say I can see his ballsack from here.

One thing that’s been mentioned though from almost everyone who has run into Lippy is that he is short. Like 5 ft 8 short. Like Eminem short. They’re all short!

Saturday was also the No Doubt show. The band arrived on Friday. Brianne was one of the lucky few who won tickets from my giveaway and she also bumped into Gwen and her boys when they pulled up at their hotel. Her description is below. Kingston is such a badass.

Gwen was holding Zuma in her arms, wearing track pants and white tank, with a pair of flourescent yellow & pink hightops & sunglasses. Hair pulled back into a ponytail and no lipstick - she was beautiful .....and tiny. Then came Kingston (with a long blonde mohawk & acid washed jean shorts) down the bus steps and right over to the window that we were at. He climbed up onto the ledge and stared at us through the window, playing the 'i'm not looking at you' game - Very Cute!
Gwen came over and sat on the ledge with Zuma and watched Kingston run around for a few mins before Gavin walked off the bus.....1 word: HOT. Then she put Zuma on her shoulders and they walked into the hotel.

People were walking by, and not one person stopped or paid any attention to wonder celebs love Vancouver!

I’ll get back to you, Brianna, when Twilight comes back to town. That’s when the crazies will re-emerge. Be curious to see what you say then.

Attached – Gwen, Kingston, and Zuma at LAX in April

Photos from Ed Y and MO/CHRIS/